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What tasks can VTubers request from cloud workers


What tasks can VTubers request from cloud workers

Vtubers’ activities are not limited to streaming activities.
There are various types of Vtubers today, such as those who belong to a company or have a manager, so it is difficult to generalize, but there are various tasks involved in Vtuber activities.
So what kind of work do Vtubers do other than streaming?
We will explain whether there is any problem in requesting the work without doing it yourself.

What do Vtubers do outside of streaming

The work done behind the scenes varies depending on what kind of activity they are doing, but for Vtubers who are mainly active in streaming, they may create thumbnails, create streaming screens, etc.
Vtubers who mainly post videos will need video editing, and in the case of videos of them singing, illustrations and MIX will also be required.
Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of Vtubers asking for original song production and project logos.

Thumbnail production

A thumbnail is a small-sized image that is displayed when distributing or posting videos on YouTube, etc.
It is used so that you can check the contents at a glance, and when creating thumbnails, it is important to select images and check the size.
Many people edit the images themselves using image editing software, but if you ask an illustrator or designer to do the editing for you, your thumbnails will be eye-catching, and you may have more opportunities to stream or view your videos.

Video editing

Many Vtubers who post videos on Youtube edit videos such as gaming videos, Vlogs, and singing videos.
We often ask them to cut the material, add captions, add sound effects, and even encode it.
Many crowdworkers accept video editing services, and even beginners can easily request them.

Illustration production

Since Vtubers work in 2D, there are times when they need various illustrations every day.
In addition to thumbnails on YouTube, we also post illustrations on X (formerly Twitter) to please our fans and help new people discover us.
The most common work that Vtubers request from crowd workers is illustration requests.

Outsourcing request site that is easy for Vtubers to use

Recently, it has become common for companies and individuals to request services from individuals.
Crowdsourcing is the process of recruiting an unspecified number of people over the Internet to provide needed services, ideas, or content.
As the scale of Vtubers has expanded greatly, the number of creators accepting requests has increased, and now it is possible to request a variety of tasks to crowd workers.


Coconara is one of Japan’s largest skill markets where you can easily buy and sell your personal skills.
At Coconara, you can easily compare and consider a wide variety of services from over 450 categories. All services are provided online, and you can conduct a wide range of transactions by text, video chat, telephone, and content without worrying about time or location.
Coconara mediates the exchange of money during purchases and sales, so it is safe. In addition, Coconara allows you to search for services that will solve your problems from among a wide variety of categories. Many Vtubers also use it.


SKIMA is a commission service where companies and individuals commission individuals to create illustrations.
A commission service is a service in which illustrators are commissioned to work and receive compensation.
This service is a part of overseas culture and is now becoming popular in Japan as well.

Crowd Works

Crowdworks is Japan’s largest crowdsourcing site.
Individuals and corporations can place and receive orders for work over the Internet. More than 2.5 million crowdworkers handle more than 250 types of work, including design, videos, articles, and app development. You can place orders for site production and design requests according to your needs.


Now that the number of Vtubers is increasing, the range of work requested is also expanding.
In order to prevent Vtubers from having to handle everything themselves and not being able to stream as expected due to running out of time, it is a good idea to ask professional crowd workers for tasks that can be requested.
Also, when a Vtuber requests a crowdworker, make sure to mutually decide on the rights to the work.
It is important to be careful not to say that Vtubers created the work themselves, even though CrowdWorker owns the rights to the work.

Monolith Law Firm that can handle VTuber legal matters

Nowadays, VTuber offices have become a natural existence, and there are many offices.
At the same time, legal issues unique to VTuber agencies have also arisen.
At Monolith Law Office, we can also handle legal issues specific to VTubers, such as business transfer of YouTube channels, so we can respond to any problems that Tubers and their related companies and offices may face.

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